Occupational Advisory Committees

Each of the career center’s 14 secondary programs, our adult practical nursing class and our special needs and cooperative education departments have Occupational Advisory Committees (OACs) that meet twice a year. The OACs are comprised of representatives active in each field of study we offer, as well as former and current students.

These crafts-persons, technicians and professionals offer their expertise to assure that MCCC is on the cutting edge of each industry and profession for which we offer our courses. Many of our OAC members also participate in our annual NOCTI testing, the industry specific tests given to our seniors at the end of the year to test their knowledge and skills achieved from their respective career and technical training.

Our OAC members are frequently the first contacts that our students have with prospective employers, many of whom recruit students directly from our programs. We are indebted to the many public servants, educators, and business and industry leaders who give of their time and talents to help make sure that our students are getting the finest education MCCC can offer, being prepared to enter employment with the knowledge and skills to make them competitive and successful.

Watch highlights of our 2018 Spring OAC Meetings below: